All children take part regularly in Physical Education including; Athletics, Dance, Games and Gymnastics activities. Year 5 children go swimming every week for one term. Our teaching focus and philosophy as a school is to develop children’s fundamental skills so that they can apply these to any sport. This is known as a Multi-skills Approach and includes opportunities to learn in cooperative, competitive and creative environments. We are using our School Sports Premium to help fund this development. The school curriculum has been extended with out of school hour clubs, which currently include: girls’ and boys’ football, basketball, street dance, netball and Change4Life clubs and tournaments. The children are also able to take part in inter-school sporting.


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Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2


Each year group publish their curriculum in their newsletters for the half-term. Please go to the Year Groups tab and click on a class in the year group to view the newsletters and information about the curriculum.