Design & Technology

The children are encouraged to develop skills for Design Technology and are given opportunities to work with food, fabric, construction and craft materials. Projects are often linked to other areas of the curriculum so that children understand the purpose of their work.


All children will be able to develop individual skills using a variety of techniques and media. This will improve their knowledge and understanding of Art in a variety of forms, styles and from a variety of cultures. Children will be given opportunities to apply and practice their skills and creative ideas across the whole curriculum.


All children will be given the opportunity to perform, compose and listen to music, in a variety of different styles and from different periods and cultures. It is hoped that enjoyment of these activities will help them appreciate and have a continued interest in Music. In KS2 children have the opportunity to learn the violin. Guitar, drum, recorder and oboe tuition is provided in a after school club. The school has 2 well supported choirs who perform both in school and in the wider community. The children participate in the Portsmouth Infant and Junior Music Festivals.

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