PASN (Portsmouth Autism Support Network)

What is PASN?

  • PASN (Portsmouth Autism Support Network) is a charity which has been established since 2003 and provides support, advice and activities to those on the Autustic spectrum and their families/carers.
  • It has in excess of 500 members and is constantly expanding its services to families living in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas.
  • It also runs fundrasing events through the year including BBQs, picnics, trips bowling and Pizza Hut and lots more.

What events does it provide?

  • Autinet - an internet cafe where young people can access the internet safely and interact with others of a similar age. There is a tuck shop which the young people take it in turns to run to develop their skills. Parents can stay to chat to other parents and take advantage of the free tea and coffee. It is held at Pompey in the Community on Anson Road, PO4 8TB every Wednesday during term time from 6.30 - 8.30 and during the holidays, they run regular trips to Pizza Hut. Children of all ages are welcome.
  • Gym - a great opportunity for children and families to get together in a secure environment with lots of fun activities and exclusive use for PASN of gym space and equipment. It is currently being held at the Gymnastics Centre (Mountbatten Centre) once a month on a Saturday from 5.30 - 7.30 pm and costs £3 per child to attend. They do allow siblings and friends to attend this session. They do run 2 sessions back to back and due to health and safety, they can only allow 20 children per session. Because of this, they ask parents to sign up all children wanting to attend on 02392 660589.
  • Krazy Kaves - an indoor soft play area where the children can run around and play with others and make new friends. It is currently being held at The Pompey Centre in Fratton from 6 - 7 pm every other month and costs £3 per child to attend. This is a turn up event and siblings and friends are welcome. Please check with PASN for the days on which this is run.

Soon to come:

  • Cooking club
  • Football club
  • Autistic only sessions at Flip Out

For more information, use their contact details below, or drop by the Centre for a cup of tea and a chat. They also have a mailing list which sends out regular reminders and information.

Contact Natasha Haji, Fundraising and Events Coordinator

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

07914 331876