Coral Club

Coral Club Trip - April 2017

On Thursday 6th April Coral Club walked to the new Beeny’s Café and met Rob, he was really friendly. We bought some yummy donuts, cookies and juice with our £2. We ate at the table on the ladder chairs in the sunshine and looked out of the window. It was lovely, the food was delicious and we had lots of fun. After that we went to the park and played nicely. We behaved beautifully with sensible walking, good listening and used our best manners by saying please and thank you and tidying up after ourselves. Our teachers were really proud of us and Mr Griffiths gave us a Headteachers award sticker.




Our work

Information about Literacy and Maths Club

Our work

We went to the Kings Theatre to see the Royal Marines - click here to see our photos!



Information on Literacy and Maths Club

This is small group teaching which allows children to have a tailored curriculum to meet their needs and at the same time provide children opportunities to work alongside their peers.

In literacy, the children follow the Talk For Writing, Pie Corbett model but particularly focus on sentence work, using Clicker when needed to support writing.  Where the children are all working at a similar level they are able to share ideas and develop the story together as a result of this we have seen an increased enjoyment and participation from all the children. This has been recognised by class teachers and parents.

In numeracy much of the focus in on number, money and time, and developing skills for life.  This includes taking the children to the shop to buy their own snack, they need to count out the money required and check the change. We also use this as an opportunity to talk about appropriateness towards strangers and crossing the road.  The house numbers provide an excellent opportunity for identifying odd and even!

Each child has a base class which they return to for all foundation subjects, registration, start of the day, playtimes and where appropriate they also return for phonics.  This allows them to maintain friendships within their classes.  Any school trips and residential children return to their base class and attend or if they have project days etc. As well as overseeing all planning, Class Teachers are expected to visit and have regular meetings as they remain responsible overall for the children in their class.