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MUSIC NEWS - information for parents of choir children  - this is the letter which your child has been given to bring home this week. Please could you check all the dates carefully as the paper copy omits the date for event number 4 at the Dockyard.



Yes it’s that time again! The choir children have been asked to perform at several events over the next few weeks coming up to Christmas, and this letter is to give you details of each event and to ask if your child can come and sing.

Please fill in the return slip asap for your child to be involved in as many opportunities as possible!

1 – The “Love Baffins” Christmas market. The children have been asked to sing at 12’o’clock on Saturday 25th November, at City Life Church. The performance will last for half an hour.

2 – The “Christmas tree festival” at St Cuthbert’s church. This takes place on Saturday 2nd December and we havebeen asked to sing from 1.45-2.30.

3 – Singing for older people at St Cuthbert’s church. This event takes place on Thursday 7th December at 2pm. The children will walk to the church and return in time for the end of the school day.

4 – The Schools’ Carol Concert – this is the event which usually takes place in the Guildhall square but this year forthe first time, the schools are singing in THE DOCKYARD. The concert starts at 6.15 and the children will be singing with many other children until the concert finishes around 7pm. Arrival needs to be from 5.30 andmore details will follow before the event. DATE - 11TH DECEMBER

5Sunday 17th December is the carol service at City Life Church and the children have been asked to sing at 4pm as part of a Christmas service.

As you can see there is quite a lot to think about! It would be lovely to see all the children at every event but I am very aware that this may not be possible. I have specifically asked for the timings at the Love Baffins market and the Christmas Tree festival to be around lunchtime so that both the morning and afternoons are free for other Christmassy activities. Hopefully this will help with the availability of the children. SO, PLEASE FILL AND IN RETURN THE SLIP ON THE PAPER COPY ASAP. I hope that you will enjoy the performances and that the children will have a great time being stars. Details of each event will be sent out to the relevant children before each performance.

Thank you so much for your support –  Mrs Golledge – music teacher



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Recent performances - well done to the year 6 choir children...the "veterans" who sang in the Mayor Making ceremony at the Guildhall last week. We are very proud of their talents and their commitment to the school.

Friday 24th June - year 3/4 choir in "Singathlon" at the New Theatre Royal. Concert begins at 6.30pm. Details to follow - look out for a letter in the near future.

Thursday 30th June - Portsmouth Schools' Music festival at the Guildhall. Rehearsals during the day and performance at 6.30pm. Year 5-6 choir AND some Year 2 children.

Information regarding the “Arts and Culture” passport

Some of the children at Westover Primary have already proved themselves to be very “arty” children! Many of our pupils have been busy collecting evidence of art events which they have attended – concerts/theatre visits/dance competitions/museum and gallery visits /music events - it has been amazing to see how much our children do both in and out of school. All similar events count as evidence towards the children gaining stamps for their ART AND CULTURE passport – a simple scheme endorsed by school to encourage participation in art activities. The scheme was initiated by the Portsmouth Music Hub last year and many children have already started their stage two passports having already gained their certificates for stage one. If your child is interested in starting a passport, please see Mrs Golledge. The new year 2 children will be bringing home more information in the near future. Any pupil can begin a passport at any time. So if your child is interested in the arts – this is very much for you! Enjoy!

For more information on the Portsmouth Music Service, click here.