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Summer 2 - Week 6

It's free write week!


Summer 2 - Week 5

Writing projects


Reading comprehension pack

Summer 2 - Week 4

Summer 2 - Week 3

This week we would like you to re-visit your 'Treasure' back story you wrote last week. We would particularly like to see what you have remembered about editing and revising your work. 

Let's remind ourselves what we should be aiming to achieve when we properly edit and revise.

  • Spelling checked using a dictionary - if you don't have a dictionary at home use google to spell check any words you are unsure of.

  • A wide range of punctuation correctly used. Pay particular attention to the correct placing of commas.

  • Make sure all of your writing makes sense - read it aloud to yourself, or an adult.

  • Find sections to improve. Even the best author edits and improves to achieve the best result they possibly can.

When you are confident that your writing is the very best it can be, we would like you to publish it. This means taking time and care to ensure your writing is consistent in size and written in a cursive script (joined). When you are happy with the finished result, you could post a copy to school, Mrs Harman and I would love to see it!

Have a great week Year 4.



Daily spelling tasks

Complete a spelling task mat each day to help support your year 3/4 spellings.

Can you spot the spelling mistake?

Summer 2 - Week 2



To help with your writing this week, I have attached a PowerPoint which will help you to revise direct speech. Please try to use direct speech in your Treasure backstory.

To help even further, there is a worksheet to complete. There are 3 different levels to choose depending on the level of challenge you would like (the answer sheet is there for the grown ups aswell).

Guided Reading

Less challenging

Summer 2 - Week 1