Westover Primary School





When I am reading a Green book I am learning to…


Read fluently using the sounds that I know and am confident with

  • Apply my knowledge of Phase 5 sounds although I am still learning these
  • Use full stops, question marks and exclamations when I am reading
  • Use different strategies to help me read unknown words
  • Track the print with my eyes noticing when I have missed a line or a word
  • Discuss the significance of the title and events
  • Predict on the basis of what has been read so far
  • Draw on what I already know or on background information
  • Explain clearly what I have read
  • Locate information in nonfiction books


You can help me by….

  • Encouraging me to sound out each word carefully if I’m unsure
  • Remind me that I can use the picture clues or re read the sentence if I am not sure on a word
  • If there is a Phase 5 sound I have not yet come across, show me how to say it and encourage me to sound out
  • If I am reading a longer word encourage me to split it up into smaller parts if I am struggling
  • Remind me to pause at full stops and to think about how I need to change my voice if I am asking a question


Asking me questions such as…

  •  What do you think this story will be about?
  •  Why did the character do….?
  •  What was the character doing?
  •  How do you think the character feels?
  •  Where did they?
  •  Can you retell the story in your own words?
  • What does this word mean?