Westover Primary School


History Intent Statement


Through the rich and varied History Curriculum at Westover Primary School, we strive to inspire curiosity within our children. We aim to develop an understanding of British history and that of the wider world. We work to develop an understanding of the chronology of events and periods of time as well as a knowledge and understanding of how our local area has changed over time. The children are given the opportunity to examine, interpret and evaluate a variety of sources in order to investigate and make deductions about the past. They are taught how to think and behave both as historians and archaeologists. The children are also encouraged to pose their own historical questions. We investigate how and why the world has changed as well as what we can learn from the past to make the future a better place. British Values are woven into the History curriculum promoting values such as Mutual Respect, Tolerance and Democracy. Events such as our Remembrance Day Service and our work with the Helping Hands Charity helps to promote such values. Themed days, visitors and school visits are widely used within the History curriculum to develop a deeper understanding of the various time periods studied and to inspire the children so that they develop a lifelong love of History.

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