Westover Primary School

Individual Isolation

Individual isolation


This is for children who have been told that a positive Covid test has been confirmed within their household and must spend 10 days in isolation. 


We are really sorry that you need to stay at home to isolate at the moment.  We hope you are feeling okay.

Below is some learning to complete while you feel well.  If you become poorly your adults at home might decide you need to stop doing the work.

Each day there are four lessons to complete and some exercise. Please keep reading your school reading book and books at home too.

These are the things that will make up your new school day while you are at home:

  • An English lesson
  • A maths lesson
  • 2 foundation subjects
  • Ideas for PE and exercise


Below are your lessons for each day – you can click on the link for the learning video and activities.

Year 6 Learning Grid