School Council

Our school council has been set up and organised democratically. This means that everyone had a say in who became school councillors because we voted. First of all, Miss Fry gave an assembly which informed all of the children of what school councils do and what might be expected of them if they were to become a class representative. Afterwards, all children were invited to complete a job application form if they wanted to be considered for the job. The application forms were then looked at by some teachers who shortlisted 3 children from each class. Then the short listed children wrote manifestos; made posters and gave a speech to their own class which encouraged the rest of the class to vote for them. Voting was fun because all children voted for their class school councillor anonymously using a ballot box and a voting slip.

The school council meet on a weekly basis to share ideas and to discuss improvements that they would like to make in school. The first project they have decided upon is to raise money so that the children’s trim trail can be fixed. Part one of this fundraiser is a ‘PJ and Onesie Day’ in the Autumn term.