Thank you from Mrs Golledge

Dear Parents,


I would like to say a huge thank you to your fantastic children for all the hard work they have put into their music lessons this term.


From learning about rhythms using puppets (yes, Oscar is still alive and kicking!) to learning to play the ukulele, all the children have been enthusiastic learners and are a little further along their musical journeys.


I particularly want to say a big thank you to the children from year 2 who recently performed both at Manor Infants School and the Kings' Theatre as part of the city wide infants' music festival. The children worked very hard to learn words and extend their singing skills and they also had to think very hard how to perform in a different setting.


Similarly the year 3 4 5 6 choir children performed this week at the Guildhall in a show entitled "Space-scape". It was a pleasure to see how the children rose to the occasion and performed with confidence.


Music makes a huge difference and means such a lot to these children who enjoy singing so much. They are to be congratulated for their brilliant performances no matter how big or small their part. Lastly a huge thank you too, to all you parents who have supported your children by sorting costumes, buying tickets, coming to see their shows, and appreciating their efforts no matter how small. You have fantastic children and should be very proud of them.


Well done everyone!


--Mrs Golledge