Westover's Got Talent

Magicians, dancers, singers performing tracks from The Greatest Showman, gymnasts, footballers, drummers, violinists, harmonica and guitar players, kung fu performers ... well, what a treat Westover were in for today during Westover's Got Talent. From Year 1 to Year 6, we were entertained by their polished and practised performances. The standard really does get better every year.

During a dance routine by Year 6's The Frogs (you had to be there), the school council carefully deliberated and voted. The winner was KT from Year 6 who had written his own lyrics to Bruno Mars's Count On Me. K had the school in a frenzy with his romantic rendition of the classic song. After a moving second performance, the winner left the auditorium with his name on everyone's lips.

Well done to KT, to every performer, school council members and Mrs Harris for putting on a fabulous show. What a way to (nearly) end the summer term!