Westover Primary School

Lesson 3

Today, we are going to think about acts of devotion within the Hindu faith.

There are 3 video clips for you to watch.

1) Puja - How does the Hindu family here show devotion to God? 

List all the steps they complete in chronological order on a story map - include the reasons why they do each act of devotion

2) Raksha Banden - What do you think of this festival? Would you do this with your brothers or sisters? Why/why not? Who is it showing devotion to?

Make notes about the festival.

3) Holi - Why does this festival happen? What is the purpose of throwing bright colours? How does it refer back to God?

Decide, which is your favourite act of devotion from the 3 you have researched.

Write a short paragraph explaining why you have chosen that act of devotion. You could also draw a picture.