Westover Primary School


From now on for Maths, we would like you to complete the worksheets under each of the subheadings (colourful blobs) as these will be revision of subjects we have already learnt in

Year 4.

We hope you will feel confident to try these worksheets.

It is a good opportunity to practise the skills we have already covered and prepare you for when we come back to school.

For those of you who normally require a bit of extra support in class, please look at the worksheets under the purple coloured blob.

If you would like to learn something new, the worksheets on money, time and statistics are still there along with the arithmetic trainers. Just look further down this page.

Video links to support this week's learning.

Week 2

You should be completing an arithmetic trainer each day and a set of worksheets (for example: for one day you could work through the 'hundredths as decimals sheets'). I have attached the answers in the 'Trust Table' so you can always double check your answers. You should be challenging yourself, just like you do in class, to get to the application sheets. Remember if you are stuck, you can always email us or click on the link to the White Rose website - there you can go through the methods for each step for teaching points and extra helpful hints.

Keep going Year 4, we know you can do this :)

We won't be setting an ultimate timestable test each week from now on. However, we would encourage you to get on TT Rockstars and get practising!!! If you would like us to set up specific timestables for you to practise then just let us know on the class email.

Parents and children,

We have uploaded worksheets for the next few Maths topics along with any accompanying Powerpoints to assist with understanding.

The children are familiar with the format of the worksheets:

The Practice worksheets are accessible for all children.

The Application worksheets are for the majority of children.

The Going deeper worksheets are for those children who want to challenge themselves.

All children should start with decimals and work their way through the smaller topics under the subheadings by completing the Practice worksheets and working their way through, just like in class.

Each day, the children should complete an arithmetic trainer followed by 1 set of worksheets labelled clearly with the step they are working on (for example 'tenths as decimals'). By completing the worksheets in this way, the children should take 1 to 2 weeks on each topic.

We are hoping to upload a 'trust table'/answer section over the next few days.

We hope this is clear.

Children, we just wanted to say well done for all your hard work to keep your learning moving forward. The work you put in now will really help you next year.

Parents, we really appreciate all the support you are giving your children at home. Please don't worry if they don't fully understand a topic, the tasks are designed to help them practice skills as well as challenge themselves with some new topics. However, we will obviously support them all with this learning when we return to school.

Mrs Harman and Mrs Harris