Westover Primary School


PSHE Intent Statement


At Westover Primary School it is our intent to provide children with an engaging, thought provoking curriculum that is progressive and cohesive and inspires children to think deeply about their relationships with themselves, others and the world around them.

The curriculum reflects the guidance in the National Curriculum and follows the Portsmouth schemes of work, with additional opportunities and experiences added to support and enrich the children’s experience.


Whilst PSHE is a non-statutory subject, at Westover primary school we believe that helping children learn how to develop healthy relationships and engage in a positive way with the world around them is of paramount importance to their well-being and happiness. To this end we allow teachers the flexibility to deliver high-quality PSHE lessons which encompass a variety of areas of study. The curriculum is designed to ensure a broad and balanced range of skills that develops and deepens as the children progress through the school. We are passionate about providing clear and meaningful opportunities to allow children to practice these skills in a safe, real and meaningful way. These opportunities are offered right from the beginning of school in Year R, all the way through to Year 6 and include regular real life working opportunities.


At Westover, we also believe strongly in helping our children develop and grow their understanding about personal values. Our school values are: Curiosity, Resilience, Teamwork, Kindness, Creativity and Respect. These are taught discreetly, and through circle times, assemblies and general school life through a progressively complex set of related skills.


By presenting the curriculum through a series of opportunities based around real life opportunities and relationships, in a safe and warm environment it is our aim to help children leave the school at the end of their primary journey not only ready to embrace the challenges of secondary school, but be well on the way to becoming, caring, compassionate and courageous citizens of our world.