Westover Primary School


This half term, we are looking at what makes a healthy lifestyle.


Before we start, answer the following questions in your book...

How much sleep do you get each night?

How many pieces of fruit or vegetables do you eat a day?

What fruit and vegetables do you eat?

How much exercise do you do each day?

What exercise do you do?

How long do you spend looking at a screen or playing on a games console?


Now, we would like you to read the powerpoint below and watch the links on YouTube. You should then write a short explanation on each aspect.

Why sleep is important, how much we should get etc.

Same with eating and drinking and screen time.


We would the like you to design a poster advertising the importance of a healthy lifestyle, make sure you include all the elements you have learnt about.


Lastly, we would like you to challenge yourself to improve your lifestyle. If you don't have enough sleep, why not go to bed an hour earlier? Or read before bed instead of playing video games?

Why not try a new fruit or vegetable? There are some really exotic fruits out this season, let us know what unusual fruit you have tried. Why not make a fruit kebab or have a healthy tea party with your family?

Can you start learning and practising a new sport? You could use YouTube to help (ironic I know because that's a screen, but it's a good use of a screen ;)).


Remember to send us your photos!!


Powerpoint to read