Westover Primary School


Picture 1 Jellyfish Class
Picture 2 Pufferfish Class

Miss Fry is  the EYFS Leader and the Jellyfish class teacher on a Monday and Tuesday.

Miss Parsons is the class teacher on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Library visits and PE will both be on Mondays.


Mrs Atkins is Pufferfish class teacher.

Library visits and PE will both be on Mondays.



What will we be learning this year?

Reception Baseline Assessments


During the week beginning 16.9.19 we will be carrying out the pilot Reception Baseline Assessments. This will be special one to one time that each child will spend with their class teacher. The information below is from the Department for Education (DfE).


”We are now piloting the new reception baseline assessment across thousands of schools in England. It is a short, interactive assessment carried out in the first six weeks of reception between a child and their teacher or teaching assistant. 👩🏫


This will form the start of a new progress measure for schools, making sure they get credit for the vital work they do between reception and year 2. 🏫


In this video, a headteacher explains what the assessment is, what it will be like for your child, and why it is important.👇"