Westover Primary School




When I am reading a Red book I am learning to…


 Locate and recall the title

 Use my phonic knowledge to decode even more words

 Read some CVC words on sight such as pig, cat, hat

 Read some tricky common exception words such as the, and, I

 Check what I have read makes sense

 Read a book more than once to improve my confidence

 Retell my favourite stories

 Begin to answer some simple questions


You can help me by….

 Encouraging me to sound out each word carefully

 There might be some sounds I haven’t come across yet because I am still learning my Phase 3 sounds. If there is one I don’t know you can help me by telling me what sound it makes so I can try to read the word.

 Asking me questions such as…  What has happened in the story? - What was the character doing? - How do you think the character feels?