Westover Primary School

Covid-19 Arrangements

January 2021 Update


As you will know, this lockdown happened very suddenly and caused us all to rethink our arrangements in a hurry!

Lots of our key worker children and vulnerable children are enjoying their time in school, working hard in small groups of no more than 10-11 with the same staff groupings.

Our other children are working hard at home.  For the first week we have sent home a learning grid for each class along with the resources/links needed to complete the work.

From January 18th we hope to be using Class Dojo, which will enable families to share work more easily with teachers and also to have a choice in how they show their learning (videos, photos, documents).

If you are at home and need printed resources, stationery or any help at all, just let us know.  Don't forget the government is offering data top-ups, but it's school who has to apply for these.


All queries about home learning and data top-ups should be sent to   Ms Worswick and Mrs Cooper check this account regularly and will reply as soon as they can.  


Letters that have come home related to the lockdown are attached below, as well as our updated Risk Assessment and our Home Learning Offer for Lockdown.


We are missing you very much and can't wait until we're back together again!

As you will understand, we have had to make changes to our school day and routines to keep everyone as safe as possible.  We are constantly reviewing our procedures as the situation changes or as new advice is issued.   We have updated a number of policies, eg first aid, medical and behaviour policies to reflect changes needed with the new situation.  Do come and talk to us if you have any worries.

Our full risk assessment can be read from the link below, but here's a summary of some of our main actions:


  • Remind staff to comply with social distancing guidance outside of school
  • Stay alert for any pupils demonstrating symptoms of the virus and send them home
  • Ensure classroom desks are as socially spaced as possible
  • Organise pupils and staff into working ‘bubbles’ 
  • Stagger arrival and collection times and put in place appropriate measures to enable pupils and adults to socially distance
  • Organise the premises and pupil movement in a way that reduces contact with other pupils
  • Allocate toilets to specific classroom ‘bubbles’ to support social distancing
  • Zone outdoor areas to restrict contact between the different ‘bubbles’
  • Provide pupils with their own personal equipment/ small group equipment for use only by them
  • Provide cleaning equipment for teachers’ use in all classrooms
  • Follow cleaning routines to keep the premises clean throughout the day
  • Provide soap and sanitiser for use by pupils throughout the school 
  • Reinforce safe hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene at all times
  • Ensure shared resources and toys are cleaned regularly
  • Maintain high standards in all our cleaning
  • Provide packed lunches as usual
  • Inform parents of any new changes in guidance for schools 
  • Talk to children and teach them how to keep themselves safe and how they can help keep our school safe

Opening times and Collection arrangements

from September 2020


The following timetable lists the new arrangements to be used from Monday 7th September. The timings between classes have been shortened from 10 minutes to 5 minutes, so please ensure your child arrives on time and that loitering around the entrances and exits is kept to a minimum, observing social distancing wherever possible.



Entry time


End time  



8:40 Northover Rd

Miss Vickers




8:30 to 8:40 Northover Rd

Mrs Goulding  




8:30 to 8:40 Northover Rd

Miss Harman  




8:45 Silchester Road

Mrs Thurley-Ratcliffe




8:50 Silchester Road

Mrs Murray and Mrs Atkins




8:30 to 8:40 Westover Road

Mrs Roberts




8:30 to 8:40 Westover Road, office gate

Mrs Harris




8:30 to 8:40 Westover Road

Miss Ferrier




8:35 to 8:40 Silchester

Miss Snook




8:35 to 8:40 Silchester

Mr Bullen  


Zoom: what our students need to know to make a session work

A great video for our students if you are teaching them with Zoom. This takes you through all the basic settings you need to know about when learning online