Westover Primary School


Don't forget to test your spellings from this week. How did you get on? We won't be setting any for the next few weeks as we would like you to get tested on the entire list (as mentioned below).

Spelling assessment


Over the next 2 weeks we would like you to ask a parent or older sibling to test you on your spelling lists. You should all have a spelling list at home, which is highlighted with the spellings you knew and spellings to be learnt from last term's test. Some of you will be working on the 3/4 spelling list and some of you will be working on your 1/2 list. 

You don't need to be tested on the whole list at once (you know how hard that is). Ask your grown up to test you on 10 or perhaps 20 a day until you have completed the whole list. Make a note of the ones you still aren't getting correct. These spellings will be your spelling challenge until we get return to school. Come on Year 4, I know you can do this. Remember, when you go into year 5, you will get a whole new list to learn, so it is incredibly important you are secure with your current spellings before September. I have included 1/2 and 3/4 spelling lists below, just in case you have lost yours.