Westover Primary School


Towards the end of the term, we will be looking at the transition from primary school to secondary school. To help us do this we will be following a scheme which has been titled 'Be Awesome, Go Big' by Hachette Schools. Later in the term, you will all be given a pack to work through which is made up of different sessions. There are two books which accompany the project should your parents wish to purchase them - You Are Awesome by Matthew Syed and Go Big by Matthew Burton.


We know this year isn't under normal circumstances which is why we want to help you - along with your new secondary schools - as best we can. For many of you, this is an exciting time but for others it will be scary - it is ok to feel either emotion, or maybe even both! Don't be afraid to ask questions - you can guarantee that a question you ask will be one many are thinking of!


Be Awesome and Go Big Year 6! 

A Message for Year 6

This is "A Message for Year 6".