Westover Primary School




When I am reading a White book I am learning to…


  • Read quietly or silently at a more rapid pace with automatic decoding helping my reading to become fluent
  • Read aloud with intonation and expression without the need for sounding out and blending when they have been frequently encountered
  • Read words containing a wider range of suffixes such as –ment, -ful and –ly
  • Discuss how characters behave towards each other and give my opinion
  • I can read ahead and use this to help self-correct
  • Use my knowledge of sounds and words to read tricky words and explain their meaning
  • Compare books noting similarities and differences
  • Independently predict the content of a story using my wide knowledge of stories
  • Locate information in a text to answer a specific question


You can help me by….

  • Encourage me to use intonation and expression when reading


Asking me questions such as…


  • Does this story remind you of any others? Why?
  • Which characters do you like/dislike? Why?
  • Why did the character do….?
  • What was the character doing?
  • How do you think the character feels?
  • Where did they?
  • Can you retell the story in your own words?
  • What does this word mean?
  • What do you think will happen next? Where you correct or not? Why