Westover Primary School

Year 1 Closure support

Dear Dolphins, Parents and Carers,

We hope you are having a lovely weekend. It's the last week of term, and the last week of home learning!

You will notice that the home learning is different this week (and it also looks different at school).The afternoons have an element of free choice time, and each afternoon your child will be practicing their Year One Common Exception words.

Reading and spelling these words would be extremely useful to keep up over the Summer Holidays.

The children also have the opportunity to meet their new class and teacher shortly, and all teachers and staff are very much looking forward to this!

After a year full of changes, I still very much feel connected to each and every Dolphin. So I am thinking about the end of the school year with many emotions. All staff in Year One have worked tirelessly to ensure that the children at school have settled happily, and have had fun learning experiences, while staying safe. A big thank you to Mrs Harman, with her energy, drive and enthusiasm, and to Mrs Kemp, Mrs Millham and Mrs Drain who have been absolutely essential to the success of this year. And a big thank you to those accessing our home learning - there have been some tricky times and it has been a challenge to establish new home learning routines. Thanks for your patience and teamwork! And a massive thank you to all of our children and families for working together to make a success of such as difficult time. We all want the best for the children!

With my very best wishes, and wishing you all a safe, fun and happy Summer,

Mrs Goulding


Dear Dolphins, Parents and Carers,

We hope you are having a restful and happy weekend! It's hard to believe we are approaching the end of the school year, especially in these strange times.

Last week at school we had a very busy, 'painty' week, with an artistic focus! The children at school were able to use their colour mixing skills to paint pictures using their amazing imaginations. We also had fun experimenting with paint, and were not scared to get messy! 

At home I hope you enjoyed all of the learning too.

Our week of learning is centred around sticks this week. There are stick themed stories, and some exciting topic activities coming up! These include creating a stick man, den building and making clay and stick animals. Adults,  the activities require sticks, string and clay (or a homemade version e.g. salt dough).

It would be fantastic if you could fit in a visit to the woods as a family, to try the den building activity. 

Have a great week and we are thinking of you all,

Mrs Goulding and Mrs Harman  

Stick writing paper for English :)

Dear Dolphins, Parents and Carers,

Happy weekend! We hope that you have had a good week. At school we have really enjoyed our work around materials, especially exploring clay and its properties. At home we hope that you enjoyed your week of learning too.

Next week our focus is around art, specifically painting. It would be really beneficial to the children at home if you could get hold of some ready mixed paint. The activities we will be doing include painting something that you would like to come to life, making 'splatty paintings', creating mandalas using natural materials and painting bugs on rocks, to link with our earlier learning on minibeasts. 

If you cannot access paint, most activities can be adjusted, for example, you can use other drawing materials to create your pictures or use pens to draw on pebbles. 

We continue to think every day about the children who are learning at home and send you and your families our thoughts and best wishes. We all miss you!

Mrs Goulding and Mrs Harman

Our Three Little Pigs song

Still image for this video

Dear Dolphins, Parents and Carers,

We hope that you have had a good week and that you have a lovely weekend!

Those of us at school have enjoyed getting close to nature, especially making friends with snails, and learning about what living things have in common.

We hope you have enjoyed your home learning too. :)

Next week our topic work is focused on Science and MATERIALS. We are linking our learning to the story of The Three Little Pigs.

At school we will be using a range of materials to build with, including clay. You may like to find a recipe so that you can make similar structures at home. If you don't have access to clay, please find a recipe for making dough over the weekend as two days learning will be focused on this. If you can't make dough, or get hold of clay, the activities are accessible as explained on the Power Point by using whatever you can find at home.

With our very best wishes,

Mrs Goulding and Mrs Harman

Links for daily maths lessons

Dear Dolphins, Parents and Carers,

Finally we have some sunshine! We hope you have a great weekend. smiley

Next week the school learning and home learning will be very similar.

The theme is around the environment; plants and animals, including collecting a snail to study, and creating a wormery if you are feeling adventurous!

We have created one set of slides for the week. Each day starts with  writing the date and handwriting practice.

The slides for maths are also available as a printed copy, so please request a pack if you would like to. Resources to support each day's learning can be found under each daily star.

Please continue to email any learning that your children have completed at home. It would be great to see what you are up to.

And if you have any questions please don't hesitate to send an email.

Stay safe, and we are thinking about every Dolphin!

Mrs Goulding and Mrs Harman


A rainbow song for you to enjoy

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Dear Dolphins, Parents and Carers,

I hope that you have all had a good week! This week will be a strange one with some children returning to school, and others staying home. Throughout this week I would therefore like to focus on the well being of all of our Year One children.

At school children will be adjusting to new routines and the changes that have taken place in our school; please be assured that your children will have a happy, fun week.

We have  a 'settling back to school' week planned full of activities that your children will enjoy.

For those of you remaining at home, I have planned activities that are as similar as possible.

There is only one set of slides for the week, approximately four slides a day, with relaxation, stories, and fun activities. Children at home will also be having a daily 'Zoom' phonics lesson, which matches the phonics we are doing at school.

I just wanted to add that I am thinking about each and every one of you, our fantastic Westover families, and to thank you for your amazing resilience and creativity around your children's learning.

With my very best wishes,

Mrs Goulding

Don't forget that you can request a printed copy of these resources.

Just email to request a pack.


Dear Dolphins, Parents and Carers,

I hope you  all had an enjoyable half term. This week's Home Learning has an environmental theme.  The English/ Science slides involve getting outdoors if possible and looking closely at plants and animals. The learning will be enhanced if you can get outside, but can still be followed if this is difficult on occasions. The English focus is to write sentences using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

From next week (Monday 8th June) Home Learning will be aligned as closely as possible to what is happening in school. 

With very best wishes,

Mrs Goulding

Hi Dolphins, Parents and Carers,

It's hard to believe that the half term is over and that next week would have been the half term break.

I hope that you are all staying safe, well and happy.

Because next week is the half term holiday, I will be setting some STEM challenges, to encourage our school values of creativity and curiosity.

STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. These activities should be fun and exciting, and you may decide to follow your own lines of enquiry as a result!

The activities can all be completed, or select the ones you prefer.

There are two stars to choose from. The first star (STEM) has a mix of activities that you should find easy to resource at home.

The second star (STEM - Light and Dark) has a variety of activities that may need a few more resources, for example, a torch. 

As always I would love to see photos of your work so please email .

With very best wishes,

Mrs Goulding

An inspirational quote to share with you. Thank you all for your hard work at home :)

And the skills that children develop through play are...

Morgan's learning - Well Done!

Great Maths work using blocks Morgan!
Lots of castle jobs learning :)
Super castle sentences Morgan!

Well done Isobel!

Lots of great skills practice Isobel!
Amazing maths work :)

Rafael's fabulous castle learning :)

Fantastic sentences and learning :)
Look at these castle questions!
Parts of a castle :)
Castle art work - well done!

More Castle Learning!

Morgan's super labelled castle picture :)

More Super Home Learning!

Well done Remy, super writing and thinking :)

Castle Learning!

An amazing castle model by Ivie :)
She has included many important castle features!

Home Learning

Look at Remy's fantastic castle painting!
George has been busy building a city!
This is George's jungle :)
George has learned so much about dinosaurs!

Dear Dolphins, Parents and Carers,

I hope that you have had a good week and that you were able to remember and celebrate VE Day together at home.

It has been exciting to see some of the great learning that has been happening at home over the last week!

Please continue to send me emails and photographs if you would like to share what you have been doing.

This week we will be spending the week learning about castles, as part of our 'Castles and Dragons' topic.

Please carry on with English every day. In addition to the White Rose Maths lessons, I have included a 'Fluent in Five' daily task. There are three questions a day to look at together to keep all of your maths skills in mind. I have also added a Handwriting star with a focus on 'Curly Caterpillar' letters.

Thank you so much for your continued support and enthusiasm :)

Mrs Goulding

Home Learning

Well done Rafael! Great instructions :)
Super work about the Komodo Dragon Rafael!
Dexter's dragons and dragon eggs! Well done:)
A super dragon egg and dragon Dexter!
Ivie's fantastic poem! Well done :)

Dear Dolphins, Parents and Carers,

I hope you have had a good week and I am thinking about you every day. smiley

The learning for week beginning 4th May is below.

Please see the Home Learning Grid for an overview of the week's learning.

Then the stars will give you more detail about what to do every day.

I have included a task this week for Dolphins (with adult support) to send an email to the class email address as I would love to see what you have been up to in your learning! Please see the ICT section of the Home Learning grid. 

I am also including a link to the Classroom Secrets home learning site, specifically SPaG skills (this means Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar). These are activities that your children can practice, to reinforce previous learning.

There is also a link on the Home Learning Grid to a Dinosaur Discovery game which the children can explore independently.

With all my very best wishes and lots of love to every Dolphin!

Mrs Goulding

Dear Dolphins, Parents and Carers,

A daily Phonics lesson is due to start this morning. smiley

There are two lessons to choose from, and you should start with the Year 1 lessons, but if your child is finding it too tricky, it will more more valuable to use the YR lessons.

The lessons are designed for you to participate with your child.

They go live this morning at 10.30am for the Year 1 lessons, and 10am for the YR lessons.

I hope they are useful!

Many thanks for your continued support,

Mrs Goulding

Year One Home Learning Week Beginning 27th April
These are some fun games to support writing and reading skills that Dolphins can practice by themselves.smiley 

Hello Dolphins, I hope you had a lovely Easter. smiley

Our new topic is 'Castles and Dragons!' so this week we will be thinking about dragons.

We will be designing a dragon trap, and writing instructions for Mr Langston and Mrs Sadler to make their own dragon traps, and we will be drawing dragons too!

I have colour coded the grid this week; the green boxes are daily learning, and the blue boxes are activities that you can  complete during the week when you decide.

Please see the stars for details of English, Maths and Art.

The links on the grid are very important, as they take you straight to the activity.

The music activity can be explored independently by children by clicking on the link.

Have a good week, I am thinking about you all every day and missing you!

Mrs Goulding



Easter Bonnet activity!

This is a tiger in my kitchen with my cat Ed!

Dear Children, Parents and Carers,

Below is attached a document with ideas for Home Learning with your child next week.

We have tried to make these ideas as practical and as easy to access as possible.

We sincerely hope that you are well, and send our very best wishes to all of your families.

The Year One Team


Letter formation for Handwriting Practice

Home Learning ideas Wednesday 18th March

Phonics Play

Dolphin Class love Phonics Play!

You can currently use Phonics Play free of charge.

Username: march20

Password: home

You can explore the site, however Year One are currently working on Phase 5, which you can select from the menu on the left.

Phase 3 is also very useful for revision of sounds.

Two suitable games to try would be:

Picnic on Pluto (which revises real and alien words)


Flashcards Time Challenge (Dolphins love this game for revising all of their Phase 5 Sounds)


Fun ways to practice spellings at home

Year 1 Home Learning Pack (