Westover Primary School

Year 3

Super Scratch work


This term, Year 3 have been learning how to change colours of characters in Scratch, make sounds and move them around. Click below to see some freestyle projects.


Year 3 have been very busy since returning to school after half term. We have been learning about working with amounts of money and calculating change. Please help us by talking about money with the children and encouraging them to calculate change from different amounts.

In English we have been working on apostrophes for shortening words and for showing that something belongs to someone. We have just begun to look at figurative language like similes and metaphors. Ask your children to give you an example of a simile they found on their simile hunt on Monday!

In PSHE we have been thinking about our British Value of Tolerance and in Marvellous Manners we have been showing our thought for others by Holding the Door! Please ask the children about the work they have done for this topic. 

IN RE, we have begun to think about suffering through the Christian story of Easter, exploring what happened in the story of Jesus and the crucifixion. 

In Science this half term, we have been thinking about Light and Shadows, thinking about sources of light and  this week we are hoping to use the dark tents to explore reflective materials. 

In DT this half term, we would like to make shadow puppet theatres at the end of this term for the children to explore using shadows in a different way. In order to help with this, please could you look out for any cardboard boxes that you don't need and send them into school for the children to use.

There are lots of resources on the Closure link on this website for you to access if your child is unable to come to school and these link with the objectives we are working on this term. These will be updated regularly to provide new tasks and activities for you to use.

Thank you for your support as always.

Mrs Thurley-Ratcliff and Mrs Roberts

Mrs Roberts is the Octopus class teacher. 

PE is on Mondays and Wednesdays. They will visit the library on Wednesdays.


Mrs Thurley-Ratcliff is the Lobster class teacher.

PE is on Mondays and Thursdays. They will visit the library on Thursdays.