Westover Primary School

Year 4 Closure Support

Well it's the Easter Holiday! We made it!!

We hope you have a very lovely 2 weeks and don't eat too many chocolate eggs!!

We have a selection of activities for you to try over the 2 weeks. There is no set amount to complete, just have fun and enjoy!!

From Mrs Harris and Mrs Harman

Easter activity bingo- choose 6 or more of these activities to complete. ENJOY!

Easter activity bingo- choose 6 or more of these activities to complete. ENJOY! 1

Storyboard template

More ideas for Easter activities. We'd love to see some photos of you completing these activities.

Happy Friday Year 4!

I hope you are all happy and safe and making the most of your time at home with your family. Like Mrs Harris said, I hope you aren't spending ALL day on your Xboxes and Playstations!!!

I also hope you are enjoying your home learning, we have seen some fantastic photos of your work. Remember, we are expecting you to complete the daily tasks and make your way through the writing and topic tasks as you have time.

Over Easter, we won't be setting you homework but instead you'll have some Easter challenges and activities to have a go at, I will post these later. Have fun!

I have been enjoying laying in a little bit, completing Joe Wicks everyday and learning a new dance with Oti Mabuse. Ria and Amy have been working hard on their home learning while I've worked and cleaned my house!!! Everyday, we have gone for a walk to exercise and get some fresh air. We've also tried a bit of baking and done some colouring (rainbows and sunshines for our windows to support the NHS).

Don't forget to complete the virtual assembly today and send your videos in to Miss Stacey. You could appear on our school assembly video!!

We hope you have a very lovely, relaxing Easter holiday. Don't eat too much chocolate!!!

We miss you very much and are looking forward to seeing you when we are back in school.

Keep safe, be kind to your families and relax.

Much love, from Mrs Harman


My Paschal Candle- hope you enjoyed creating yours.

My Paschal Candle- hope you enjoyed creating yours. 1

Times Tables Rock Stars - Year 4, are you really happy with Year 3 beating you?


Get battling today!


Year 4 - get involved and start practising for Westover's Easter Celebration!

Something new for you to try!!

Still image for this video
Why not learn a new skill?? Amy and I have been learning a new dance everyday with Oti Mabuse (via Facebook or YouTube). The theme this week is musicals-yesterday was Frozen, today was Oliver, then it’s The Greatest Showman, Annie, Wicked, Matilda and Lion King. I hope you enjoy the video!!!

Letter to Squid class from Mrs Harris

Hi everyone - I'm sure you're all being perfectly behaved and super helpful around the house frown. (Of course you are wink).

Hopefully, you've been getting out for some exercise in the gorgeous sunshine and haven't been spending too long on your Play Stations/X boxes all week lol!! It's going to be colder this week, so make sure you wrap up warm and get walking.

I've been going out for a walk every day and spending time with Bruiser the cat - I think he's getting a bit fed up with me talking to him, as he keeps giving me his disappointed face, then puts himself upstairs to sleep.

I'm keeping in contact with my family by face time and we also have a Whats App page where we keep each other laughing. 

Mrs Harman and I hope your enjoying the work we're putting on the website for you. Please remember - we don't expect you to be working all day, the work is there to keep you busy and engaged, but we completely understand that your mums and dads are very busy people and not always able to work with you. A little every day is perfect yes.

Remember to keep reading - it's so important and something you can definitely do on your own.

Don't forget to have a look at the other year groups home working pages, you can use anything from any year group that you find interesting. Maybe some of you might want to give yourself a challenge and see what year 6 are up to wink.

I miss you all very much - be good please and make me proud.

Big hug

Mrs Harris x


Hi Year 4 - week 2 is poetry week!

This week we would like you to use your imaginations to create some fantastic pieces of poetry. We have attached some  interesting images to start you off and given you a reminder of the poetry writing process. Mrs Harman and I are absolutely certain you'll remember the steps once you get started. 

Start with the haunted house image and follow the steps to produce a descriptive piece of published poetry.

When you have finished, you can choose one of the other images we have included, or perhaps you could find an image of your own. Get creative Year 4...



Our next Maths topic- subtracting fractions from whole amounts

The Marvellous Maya - History project.

Year 4, we have an exciting new project for you. Start by reading the E-book about the Maya - you will find this on the Twinkl website. Then, complete one section at a time, doing each of the tasks as you go.

There are so many different things for you to learn in this topic, make sure you use the powerpoint presentations to guide you along the way.

Be creative with how you put your history project together. You could try writing and drawing a storyboard explaining the Maya creation story. Design and make a Maya mask. Maybe even try out some of the Maya's favourite recipes. Ask a parent's permission to do some research of your own using google.

This isn't a quick project Year 4 - if done properly this should take you 3-4 weeks to complete. Let's see what you can do! 

Happy Tuesday year 4!

We hope you are all enjoying the lovely sunshine and getting out and about for your daily exercise. We have 2 websites for you today that are packed with fun activities and games, whilst helping you to explore your key skills.

BBC Bitesize is full of all the topics we learn at school. You can even brush up on your french to make Mrs Stacey smile:).


The Maths Factor is a wonderful numeracy site for you to explore. This site normally has a monthly fee, but your parents can sign up for free at the moment - grab a parent and get learning!

Note to parents - curriculum


If you've been out for a walk this weekend, you may have seen pictures of rainbows popping up in the windows of houses you've passed. Children all over the world are being encouraged to draw, paint and use collage to create the most beautiful rainbow art work possible and then display it in the front windows of their house, as a sign of hope and unity. It was lovely seeing these when I went out to get some exercise at the weekend and they definitely brought a smile to my face. So Year 4 - let's get creative! Get out your colouring pencils and paints and see what you can come up with.