Westover Primary School

Year 5

The link below will take you to our School Closure page where you can see this week's learning grid.

TT Rockstar Challenge - Yr 5 V Yr 6! 

Come on Year 5! The tournament has begun and will end Friday at 6pm! (3rd April)

You can do this! Results will be posted here at the end of the challenge.



Final Score  crying Year 5- 4,734   Year 6- 9,113

Despite this shocking defeat, a huge well done and thank you to Royal Bones (our new secret weapon to Yr 5 - a whopping 1,682!!!) and well done to Henry B. Hendrix and Hope Keenan.  

Keep practicing and up your training - we will re-challenge the Year 6s after Easter!


Seals Verses Orcas! Starts now, ends 6pm this Friday (27.3)

Good luck!

Final Score:  

Orcas: 1256     Seals: 5627

A special mention to Royal Bones, Henry B. Hendrix, Bunny Simmons and Taylor Riley! These rockstars were by far the highest scoring in the tournament! Fabulous job Seals! xx

The Year 5 TT Rockstar battle has commenced!

Boys V Girls. 

Ends Monday morning! 


Final Scores: Boys - 946, Girls - a whopping 2046! 

We are really enjoying our ukulele lessons in music.

Year 5 are natural Vikings! What amazing costumes and shields! Such a fun and interesting day - here are just a few of our pics.

Viking Day! Thursday 27th Feb.

Remember to come dressed as Vikings this Thursday for our special day! Also remember to bring in your shields as you will be using these to learn how to make a defensive shield wall!

It's going to be so much fun.  We can't wait to see you all as Vikings!

Westover Walk To School Day - Friday, 14th Feb.

Please try and leave the car at home or park further away - we are raising awareness about air pollution.  This links perfectly with our Kindness and Stewardship learning.


Daily Acts of Kindness Challenge - how many different acts of kindness can you complete at home this week? Think of ways you can spread a smile and show your appreciation...

Daily Acts of Kindness Challenge - how many different acts of kindness can you complete at home this week?  Think of ways you can spread a smile and show your appreciation... 1


Meteorites land for Year 5!

Last week our lucky year fives got their hands on rare samples of moon rocks and meteorites during an out of this world experience!  As part of our space topic, we were given the unique opportunity to actually touch a piece of space rock not of this Earth as we were allowed to handle some genuine meteorites!

These rare samples were provided by the UK’s Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), and the pack included a 1.2 billion-year-old piece of Mars rock and a 4.3 billion-year-old nickel meteorite. It is unlikely that the children will ever get the chance to hold an object older than this, as Earth itself was formed 4.6 billion years ago.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Space Visitor

Thank you to Jon, the Satellite Engineer who visited Year 5 - we had such a fascinating afternoon!  We learnt all about different types of satellites, how they get into orbit, the developing technology and so much more! Jon was able to answer all of our tricky space questions and even explained complicated theories about the speed of light and time travel! We were all especially pleased to be given posters and pens to take home!



Picture 1
Picture 2

Fabulous Firework Art!

Fabulous Firework Art! 1
Fabulous Firework Art! 2
Fabulous Firework Art! 3
Fabulous Firework Art! 4

Have a lovely half term and remember the rules to stay safe around fireworks! 

Your artwork is fantastic - great job at including features of Portsmouth. Well done Year Five!

Year 5 Scratch project winners


Today we voted for the best two projects in each Year 5 class that we have been working on for the last six weeks. We were tasked with coding an animation about our topic, The Historic Portsmouth Dockyard. We were amazed with Callum's awesome coding, while the girls stunned us with their knowledge of foreign languages. 

Click below for a link to their projects.

Year 5 had a great trip to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard!

Miss Ferrier is the Orca class teacher.

PE is on Tuesdays and Fridays.

They will visit the library on Tuesdays.


Seal class teachers are Mrs Murray Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and Mrs Rutter Thursday and Friday.

PE is on Mondays and Fridays.

They will visit the library on Fridays.