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Why all the letters in algebra? | Introduction to algebra | Algebra I | Khan Academy

Jesse Roe and Sal Khan talk about why we use letters in algebra Watch the next lesson:

Tuesday's Word of the Day is 'repulsive'. Can your chid write a paragraph and include this word or a synonym? Remember, try and go 'over and above'!

Tuesday's Word of the Day is 'repulsive'. Can your chid write a paragraph and include this word or a synonym? Remember, try and go 'over and above'! 1

Monday's Word of the Day is 'obliterate'. Can your chid write a paragraph and include this word or a synonym? Remember, try and go 'over and above'!

Monday's Word of the Day is 'obliterate'. Can your chid write a paragraph and include this word or a synonym? Remember, try and go 'over and above'! 1

Tuesday's maths worksheets are attached. Remember, keep visiting the site to get regular updates on home learning!

Monday's maths lesson on Algebra is attached. Keep visiting the site to get regular work updates for those who may need it. With everything that is going on in mind, please don't hesitate to phone your teacher if you need any advice on home learning! Stay safe.

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Autumn 2 Newsletter

Ancient Greek Day

When Sharks read with Jellyfish and Pufferfish...

Class Scratch project winners


This week, we shared all of the projects we've spent six weeks working on this term. The children exercised democracy to vote for two of their favourites and the winners from each class are shared here for you to view at home. Well done to Kian, Harriet and Joshua in Sharks, and Alivia, Maya Toby and Ned in Turtles!

Year 6 SATs Presentation

We're on our way home! 

Good weather for a climb

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The Final Day


6:25 alarm call this morning and we weren't impressed but our rooms needed cleaning and a lot of packing needed to be completed. It's amazing how many things have appeared in our rooms which nobody brought with them! 


Just as we rolled our bags out the rain came pouring down but it's fine now. We're waiting to find out  whether we can do dragon boating because of the weather.


Meanwhile, we've filled up with plenty of baked beans!!!


We're on the climbing wall or doing the survivor course first.


See you soon

Love Year 6

Day 5 🔥 ⛺️ 🌧 survivor!

Day 5 🔥 ⛺️ 🌧 survivor!  1
Day 5 🔥 ⛺️ 🌧 survivor!  2
Day 5 🔥 ⛺️ 🌧 survivor!  3

Day 4


Well another day comes to a close and what an action packed day it has been, the videos and pictures posted just scrape the surface on all the fun we've had.


Vertical challenge has been a huge moment for many of us, recognising that we can achieve more than we ever imagined and that a positive attitude can go a long way. Many of us made it to the top of the challenge today, thanks to the vocal support of our friends and team mates.


Survivor was much more of a teamwork activity thinking about how we can support each other to survive bad weather and most excitingly, how to light fires.


Some of us certainly enjoyed the fencing learning the safety points but also the opportunity to stab our opponents with the use of some very impressive footwork.


This evening we have been sat on the beach enjoying lots of fun songs and reflecting on our experiences this week which seem to have been endless. For some of us, it made us think of home and will be glad to see our parents again and catch up on a lot of sleep!!


Just the small matter of Climbing wall and Sensory challenge in the morning; lunch at midday and a 1:30pm ferry crossing. Keep your eyes on this website for any details if we should be delayed, fingers crossed all will be well!!


Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow

Year 6

Song time! Can you hear us, Portsmouth? We can see you (well, the Spinnaker Tower anyway)

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Beach Campfire on our last night. Looking forward to singing a few songs!

Beach Campfire on our last night. Looking forward to singing a few songs! 1

Fire, a great example of resilience

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Flint and steels for starting fires on our survival course

Shelter building - I'm not sure you'll stay very dry!

This makes great entertainment, so funny to watch! Looks like some of them will be tied together for the foreseeable future!

‘Problem Solving’ with group 2 showing great teamwork!

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Vertical challenge day

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Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Day 4


Another early start and plenty of breakfast in time for the vertical challenge. We also have fencing, climbing, trapeze and much more to look forward to. We'll be really testing our resilience today!



Too much excitement for somebody having a birthday at PGL...

Too much excitement for somebody having a birthday at PGL... 1

A giant kid in the giant swing!

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Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Day 3


We've all had a decent night's sleep, thank goodness!!!


We've woken up to more rain and stronger winds this morning which means two groups won't be able to do our canoeing; however it's been replaced with the giant swing and ball games which we are very happy with!




What an action packed day we've had. The giant swing was the big winner and I think secretly some of us were glad canoeing got cancelled for this instead. This has been a real test of resilience for some of us, testing our bravery and ability to keep going when faced with a situation we don't feel comfortable about. We've had some real superstars who refused to go any where near the swing and by the end are swinging through the air like they just don't care!!


Today has also been the day of annoying songs and I'm sure they can't wait to share them at home on repeat for hours!!


Archery was great fun and we completed lots of fantastic competitions, fighting off dragons, crossing through oceans, saving a Princess and much more. Finally, we completed our day with buggy building which i'm sure you can see on the video were amazing and we tied all our own knots!!


We're currently building robots out of cardboard for Robot Wars, we'll keep trying to keep you updated.


Love from Year 6







Day two

Heavy rain poured all night and into the morning after the excitement of our first night away; some of us got better sleep than others (4 hours!!) but we all woke up ready for the new challenges.

Breakfast was a wide selection with bacon, hash browns, cereals, toast, porridge, fruits, yoghurts and more, so everybody started with a good fill of much needed energy.

Battling against the elements (including thunder) some of us completed Jacob’s ladder, a vertical course which requires team work to reach the top; others challenged themselves with the trapeze – climbing to the of a telegraph pole and jumping to catch the bar; the challenge course involved more team work and getting really muddy crossing an obstacle course. (Watch out washing machines!)

The girls seem to be showing the boys the art of “slowly but carefully” whilst the boys are much more about the glory of finishing first, whatever the cost!! Everybody has given the activities a go and achieved something whether it be reach the top or just climbed the first couple of rungs, showing incredible resilience.

This afternoon we’ve been using our map reading skills in orienteering across the camp and working as part of a team. We also had our brains stretched with some really troubling puzzles like carrying a can without touching it and releasing a prisoner.

Tonight’s meal helped re fuel with chicken nuggets, potato wedges, gammon or ravioli and a yummy apple crumble and custard.

This evening we are playing lots of “wacky races” which Mr Bullen tells us will help us go to sleep!! (It didn’t work yesterday!) There are lots of bleary eyes and after lots of fresh air it won’t be long before bed.

Some of us are desperate to hear the Pompey match on the radio as well, fingers crossed!!

Mr Langston says our behaviour has been excellent and represented the school extremely well so far.

We hope you like our pictures so far

Love from a happy but tired Year 6


Still image for this video

Year 6 residential - Day 1


Well that wasn't quite the start we had anticipated but thank goodness the coach company came through in the end and we could begin our adventure in the sunshine!


We arrived in plenty of time for the 3pm ferry crossing and the excitement was certainly building as we boarded the ferry and found our seats, unfortunately the sunshine we had left in was now a distant memory. The view of Portsmouth disappearing in the distance didn't take as long as usual with the low rain clouds above. But it didn't dampen our spirits and many of us played card games with Mr Langston taking on Year 6's finest "Dobble" players!!


It wasn't long before we arrived at Little Canada and the much awaited organising of rooms and activities were complete and we could get into log cabins. Within a few seconds, clothes were flying all over the place and floors were covered!! Once we had completed our "Home making" we had our safety tour in the pouring rain then made our way to the canteen.


Smells of lasagne or sausages filled the air alongside a plentiful salad bar which certainly kept us all happy and was supported by an excellent chocolate crispie cake.


This evening, despite the rain, we've been running around the grounds of Little Canada finding different flags in a game called "Passport to the World" Mr Bullen thinks this will send all of the children to sleep really quickly!!


We have lots of exciting activities lined up tomorrow what ever the weather throws us!!


We'll keep you update as much as we can.


Love from a very damp Year 6

We're on our way

Soggy start to the IOW but happy

Soggy start to the IOW but happy 1

Our Class Reader this half term is 'Rubbish Town Hero' by Nicola Davies.


Make sure to ask you child about it at home & why not try some of her other books?

Below are some question stems that you could use when asking your child about our class reader: 'Rubbish Town Hero' by Nicola Davies. 


  • What do you think will happen next?
  • What can you tell me about the story so far?
  • Can you predict how the story will end?
  • Why do you think the character did _______?
  • What would you have done if you were the character?
  • How would you have felt if you were the character? (use different characters)
  • Can you summarise the story so far?



Sharks & Turtles 

Miss Snook is the Shark class teacher. 

PE is on Thursdays and Fridays.

They will visit the library on Fridays.


Mr Bullen is the Turtle class teacher.

PE is on Mondays and Fridays.

They will visit the library on Thursdays.


Year 6 roles and responsibilities application form

SATs Meeting Invite Letter