Westover Primary School

Early Years

In our Foundation Stage class, each half term begins with a new topic and a hook into the learning to excite and engage our children. We also focus on key religious and historical dates throughout the year so that our children can learn about and celebrate them. Topics throughout each half term develop based on our children’s interests and will take different directions, led by them.
Our children learn through first hand, child initiated experiences on a daily basis. They also have the opportunity to work in small adult-led groups and work independently, choosing from a variety of activities which enable them to progress and embed new skills they have learnt across the curriculum. Each day our children participate in short whole class sessions linked to literacy, phonics, maths and social development and they take part in guided reading sessions. We are fortunate to have a large outdoor space with covered areas so our children can enjoy learning outdoors all year round.  Helping our children to develop physically and emotionally is vital for their development and there are lots of opportunities for the children to challenge themselves and to work together, form friendships, resolve conflict and put our Westover School Values into practice.
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