Westover Primary School


Music Intent Statement


At Westover, we are committed to ensuring that the music curriculum is not only inspiring, but also accessible to all children regardless of their starting point. Music should be practical and creative, enhancing not only the lives of the individual learner, but also bringing the school community together in rehearsal and performance.


Music is a unique and inclusive way of communication that also has the ability to motivate and develop resilience. It plays an important part in the development of working as a team, but also gives the opportunity for personal expression.


Our musical curriculum at Westover enables the children to build and develop the skills that they have previously learnt. Its aim is to promote enthusiasm and a passion for music in all its forms; from learning nursery rhymes and rhythms in early years, to whole class instrumental lessons in woodwind and string in Key Stage 2.


It is our aim to engage children in a broad range of musical experiences, such as concerts and ensemble performances.  In doing so, we will be able to offer our children opportunities to develop a broad and eclectic knowledge of the subject.


These positive attitudes and attributes support learning in other areas, as well as developing life skills such as listening, concentration, self-confidence, and sensitivity to the opinions of others.

What We Teach in Music

Music National Curriculum