Westover Primary School

First Aid and Medical Conditions

We hope to keep all our children, staff and visitors safe and free from injury.  But we know accidents happen.  Our policy and procedures for dealing with minor and serious injuries can be read by clicking on the link below.  

We have 3 options when dealing with a child's injury:


1)  for minor injuries to the head or face, we will treat the injury and then email home a copy of the form which details what happened and what we have done.


2) for minor injuries to other parts of the body, we will treat the injury and complete a form that is kept in the class file.  


3)  for serious injuries we will treat the injury (if we can) and phone you immediately.  If we are in any doubt if an injury is serious or not, we will always phone you to talk it through.  


You can see examples of our forms below.


We are happy to administer medicine to your child if needed.  We must have the medicine in the original packaging along with its information sheet (we can copy this if you need the original at home) and we must have a signed permission form.  You can use the form below, but it must be printed and signed.  If you need us to print it, just send it over to us and we'll do so with pleasure.


If you have any medical concerns at all for child, then just let us know and we can meet to talk them through.  It's important that we know of any changes so that we can look after your child as best we can.

First Aiders