Westover Primary School


Science Intent Statement


At Westover we want our children to be inspired and excited by their learning of Science. We aim to develop our children’s natural curiosity, encourage respect for living things and the environment, and make healthy choices for themselves within a hands on, purposeful curriculum.  We encourage the links between Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, looking for opportunities for real-world application.


We intend our children to make good progress through the National Curriculum, regardless of their starting points, through a robust teaching and learning progression of scientific skills and knowledge.

We want our children to develop independence in the skills of observation, pattern seeking, identifying, classifying, and grouping, comparative and fair testing, and research. We aim to equip our children with a broad scientific vocabulary and the knowledge to be able to discuss and reason articulately.   We teach, promote, and celebrate these skills so that by the time children leave Westover they are confident and well prepared to succeed at secondary school and beyond.                


We aim to provide a culturally enriched and broad curriculum, using our local environment to enhance and be integral to our learning. We identify and make use of scientific opportunities within our school grounds and within the wider context of Portsmouth as a coastal city. We aim to enable our children to make links with science and the wider world and aspire to futures in science by learning about scientific discoveries past and present and learning first hand from science students and adults who work in science based jobs.                                        


We intend that Science is visible and celebrated as an integral part our school environment.          

What We Learn in Science

Science National Curriculum