Westover Primary School

Physical Education

PE Intent Statement


At Westover, we strongly believe that Physical Education is an essential part of a child’s educational, personal, physical and social development. We provide a balanced programme, offering a variety of activities to enhance skills in PE as well as develop the personal qualities that our school values aspire to. We believe that positive participation in physical education will enable children to build self-esteem, positive attitudes and promote teamwork and to become passionate about leading an active lifestyle.


We follow the National Curriculum and EYFS curriculum so that our children:

∙ develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities;

∙ are physically active for sustained periods of time;

∙ engage in competitive sports and activities;

∙ lead healthy, active lives;

∙ feel inspired to enjoy and succeed in sports and PE;

∙ communicate, collaborate and compete with each other with good sportsmanship. 


PE is coherently planned and sequenced in a way that enables all children (regardless of their starting point or ability) to succeed in applying a breadth of skills across dance, games and gymnastics. Our Growth Mindset approach encourages positive attitudes and high aspirations culminating in successful learning.


Physical and mental well-being are interlinked.  All children have daily opportunities to develop gross motor and core skills, to be active and to benefit from the positive effects this has on their happiness.  


We want our children to learn how to keep themselves safe.  Living on an island, we know how vital it is for children to be able to swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres as well as perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations. At Westover, children are taught by qualified swimming instructors. By the end of their time with us, our children will have had the opportunity to ride a bicycle and to ride confidently and safely on our city roads.  

Physical Education National Curriculum