Westover Primary School


At Westover we take safeguarding and child protection very seriously.  We audit our provision annually and make sure we are always up-to-date with government legislation and advice.  All staff receive training which is supplemented by briefings and information on the staff safeguarding notice board.  

If you have any concerns about a child, you should report them to the school (via the school office), to:


Designated Safeguarding Lead: Ms Ruth Worswick (Headteacher)


Designated Lead for Safeguarding in Trust: Mrs Ruth Davies


You can also email us at:


If you have any concerns when school is closed, please phone: 

 Portsmouth Out of Office line: 0300 555 1373.  

Please note that in an emergency, call 999.


During off-site visits, the trip risk assessment identifies the safeguarding lead for that trip.  All trip safeguarding leads have emergency contact details for the DSL. 


You can read our Safeguarding Policy and our Child Protection Policy below. 

You can read about Hamwic's safeguarding arrangements here.

You might also like to look at our Online Safety page for more information about staying safe online.

We are governed by key national documents which you can see by clicking on the links below.