Westover Primary School



We aim to provide the children with a curriculum which is broad, well balanced and above all stimulates the children to learn. In addition to acquiring skills and knowledge, we aim to help the children to grow in confidence and maturity so that they can become life-long learners who will be successful in the ever-changing world. We aim to provide the children with real life and practical experiences, alongside a wide range of visits, visitors and extra-curricular activities.  We have worked together to ensure our curriculum:


  • meets statutory requirements
  • is broad and balanced
  • offer first-hand experiences
  • has clear skills progressions
  • allows pupils to apply these skills
  • encompasses the arts
  • supports vulnerable groups and individual needs
  • fosters pride in our city
  • promotes health and well-being
  • fulfils the requirement to promote British values
  • supports children’s place in a multicultural society


We share high expectations of our pupils and our staff, our curriculum has a common approach to assessment for learning and we all aim for high standards in all areas.


The National Curriculum comprises of core subjects:
English, Mathematics and Science.

The National curriculum also comprises of foundation subjects:
History, Geography, Design and Technology, Art and Design, Music, Physical Education (P.E.) and Computing.  The teaching of Religious Education is statutory in all schools. PSHE and Citizenship is integrated into our curriculum to ensure children are prepared for life in modern day Britain. We follow the Portsmouth PSHE framework themes aiming to ensure children develop their social and emotional aspects of learning. We have a strong focus on multi-cultural themes, anti-bullying and rights and responsibilities, including democratic voting for School Council.

At Westover Primary School, we place great emphasis on English and Mathematics as these underpin many of the other aspects of the taught curriculum. Whilst the core subjects are taught on a regular basis, the foundation subjects may be taught as blocks of work over a matter of weeks. The planning of the curriculum is based around a rolling programme of curriculum themes to ensure coverage of selected areas by all children who progress through the school. The topics make use of our local environment e.g. topics such as habitats in our school grounds and Portsmouth. We also study other localities and cultures so that children gain an understanding of Britain as a diverse society. Our topics also extend to other countries which enhance the children’s understanding of their global community. We also value the role of foreign languages in the curriculum and French is taught throughout KS2.  We use specialist teachers who ensure our children get the best provision possible in developing Music and P.E. skills.

When children leave Westover Primary School at the end of Year 6, they are equipped with the full range of skills that enables them to become successful in the next phase of their learning journey and towards being lifelong learners.