Westover Primary School

Phonics: Little Wandle

At Westover we are proud to be a Little Wandle school. Little Wandle is a Systematic Synthetic Phonics scheme that enable us to teach your child how to read, write and spell. Each week throughout year R and 1 your children will learn 4 new sounds and up to 4 new tricky words per week. With the final day recapping what we have leant to ensure that the previous learning had been embedded.


At Westover your child will read with a trained adult 3 times a week. Each reading session has a different focus. The first is decoding, this is when the children focus on blending the sounds together to read the word. The second sessions are prosody, in this session we begin to add expression to our reading. The third session we concentrate on comprehension. This is where we ensure that the children have understood what they have read.


If you would like to support your child at home, then please feel free to follow this link to check out the parents Little Wandle section. On this page you will find useful videos such as how to pronounce the pure sounds, how we teach tricky words and how to guides.