Westover Primary School

Ofsted and Performance Data

Ofsted last visited in 2018.  They recognised many strengths of the school, including: 


That the headteacher and other senior leaders are resolute in ensuring that the quality of teaching and pupils’ outcomes are good.

That pupils make good progress across the school. 

That provision in early years is good.  

That the local governing body and the Trust have had a positive impact on teaching and pupils’ outcomes. 

That the majority of pupils in the school behave well. They work hard in lessons and are proud of the work they produce.

That the school curriculum provides a range of rich experiences and prepares pupils well for their future lives.

 You can read the full report from the link below.

Ofsted School Inspection Reports

Key Performance Data


Below you can click on the link to see our results from since 2018.  We are not required to publish 2019 - 2020 results because these have not been published as performance measures by the Secretary of State.