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Sea Otters - Yr4

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Den building

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Home Farm Residential Blog


What an amazing first day at Home Farm.  We all arrived safely and enjoyed our packed lunches.  


So far, we have:

Fed the pigs

Put the chickens, cockerels and turkeys to bed

Done some bird watching

Met the sheep and guinea pigs

Mucked out the pig sty.


Soon we will be having our evening meal before heading out for a camp fire.  


Zuzanna says, 'I loved helping the turkeys get into their shed.'

Frank says, 'My favourite thing has been meeting the sheep.'

'My favourite thing so far has been hugging a rabbit,' says Noah.

'And my favourite bunny is call Pikachu!' says Charlie.

Curriculum Evening - September 2023

Our Curriculum 


We have redesigned the school curriculum plan so that, while it is still based on the National Curriculum, it better reflects our ethos and values. One of the main changes is the addition of planned enrichment and an emphasis on our school context as well as developing a Growth Mindset (a belief that everyone can learn and improve). We want our children to have aspirations for the future, but believe that in order for that to happen, we need to give them different experiences so that they know what they might aspire to.


You can read more about what we learn in our curriculum map below.

What We Learn in Year 4