Westover Primary School


Mathematics Intent Statement


At Westover Primary School, we take a mastery approach to the teaching and learning of mathematics. This rests on the belief that all children can – and indeed must, be successful in the study of mathematics. We believe that by embedding our school values throughout our mathematics teaching and learning, we will ensure that our children are active, resilient learners who become life-long mathematicians. We aim for children to be inquisitive and ambitious learners, to help develop and build their confidence and motivation by recognising and celebrating their mathematical achievements and endeavours.


We plan our learning with a mastery approach to the curriculum which means children spend far longer developing a thorough understanding of key mathematical concepts and access these concepts at a greater level of depth. Problem solving and reasoning are central to our curriculum alongside essential and regular opportunities to practice skills and learn key facts so that children can calculate with confidence.


We aim to ensure that all children move together through their learning in order to avoid gaps in understanding from forming. Long term gaps in learning are prevented through teacher intervention and those children who grasp concepts more quickly are given opportunities to deepen their knowledge and improve their reasoning skills rather than accelerating on to new curriculum content. We follow the Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract approach with all children to support the understanding and embedding of all mathematical concepts.

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